Regrets, the real site disappeared

Desperados Domain was one of the small BDSM sites with big value.

Its boss (lets call him Despy) was making articles of quality. When the original INSEX died, Despy went on. I suppose he sold his sites name when the financial crisis occured.

A pity, what we see now are Intersec (old Insex) sites second ranking videos. Really a pity.

Here is an image from the original DesperadosDomain.


Playing Chess

The queens are the best pieces.


Anyway white or black, I choose the backside

The Insex Olympic Team

To the attention of M.O.S.s and other friends: here is the only original vid on the subject.

No unknown man, as PD was holding the cam.

Have a look to this, you’re welcome!

If you want to know us better

Is a way to know us a bit better as perversion is not only stupid sex. In that sense only showing is primal and need much more to really attract attention.

En clair, intelligence requise.

Our friends the pets

When I raise my eyes to heaven, is what I see really Heaven?

 Quand je lève les yeux au ciel, est-ce que je vois le paradis?


 ”Oh, Darling already tired?”    I did not thought Heaven so exhausting.

 ”Oh, chéri, déjà fatigué?”    Je n’aurais jamais cru le Paradis si épuisant


But my Mistress is a good bitch waiting for her Master’s return.

Mais ma Maîtresse est aussi une bonne chienne attendant le retour de son Maître.


1 There’s always a beginning

Let’s start with an Artwork from PD before the INSEX site was destroyed


Please pay attention to every details



Receiving a gift

The postman seemed tired!



Soon we’ll start serious things


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